Can you Entertain a new idea? Can you Entertain another person? Can you entertain yourself? As Sidney Herbert Wood said, An educated man is one who can entertain a new idea, entertain another person, and entertain himself. So, if your answer to one of those question is NO, then maybe […]

Taking personal responsibility for the direction of our lives is what self development is about. To be able to do a self assessment of our lives and the reasons why we are not happy takes honesty and lots of soul searching. Depending on where you are in your life, and […]

What is spiritual growth? How does a human being grow from birth to spiritual enlightenment? What is the process? I believe that spiritual growth is simply the process of awakening our consciousness; becoming conscious of ultimate reality and "what is". Like many things that are "simple", it is not easy […]

Boost your brain and read inspiring books. Learn something new every single day of your life. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said: "Live as though you will die tomorrow and learn as though you will live forever." Powerful encouraging words for our development that demonstrate the importance of learning to […]

Have you ever wanted to take a journey on self-growth? If yes, this article is right for you. Do read on. Self-Growth is all about stretching and broadening your mind, having a harmonious mind-body-spirit self, thinking positive, eliminating negative self-talk and much more. What can you do to help yourself […]

In the field of Radionics, a number of dissimilar talismans are considered to assist in a person journey of self-growth an development. Self-growth and development is described as the incessant growth and learning that a person experiences all through their life. A person is not developing his internal or external […]

Although it may not seem so, in reality, Leisure and Recreation is the largest industry in the world. The benefits of leisure and recreation as an important part of life are easy to see. As an industry, it offers a variety of related employment and creates billions of dollars in […]

Effective listening is almost certainly the most important communication skill, and essential to anyone serious about Self Improvement and Success. Some people envy those who have the ‘;gift of the gab’; and always seem to be the center of attention. However, this does not mean that good talkers are good […]

Synopsis of Content : This is the latest book by the late master salesman and motivational speaker and writer Zig Ziglar and his son Tom Ziglar. Here is now the CEO of the empire his father built over the past four decades. Born to Win is divided into three parts: […]