Another 101 Reasons To Use Brainwave Entrainment

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Brainwave entrainment is a powerful audio and/or visual technology that stimulates the brain’s wave frequencies by inducing specific brainwave patterns in a rhythmic and repetitive manner. As a natural response, the brain will mimic that pattern in what is called a frequency following response. Deliberate introduction of a stimulus can change the frequency of the brain, which in turn, changes the state of consciousness.

This process gives you the power to improve your life by changing how you think and feel. You are the one in control. With entrainment, you choose what you wish to experience.

Here is a list of another 101 reasons (in no particular order) to use brainwave entrainment as a personal development tool.

1. Increases the release of natural hormones like DHEA and melatonin.

2. Releases natural opiates like serotonin, endorphins, and natural morphine.

3. Improves memory.

4. Provides a strong, spiritual connection.

5. Easy to meditate with.

6. Experience a higher level of consciousness without much effort.

7. Helps you think outside the box.

8. Turns on your creativity.

9. Enhances sports performance.

10. NASA is using this technology to improve pilot flight performance.

11. Medical science uses it to help patients overcome paralysis by making new neural networks.

12. Relieves headaches: tension, migraine, vascular.

13. Wakes you up… digital caffeine.

14. Relieves aches.

15. Reverses the negative effects of stress on the body.

16. Helps you manifest your desires.

17. Enhances your sixth sense.

18. Takes you on mind voyages.

19. Can help you see beyond the veil.

20. Taps into “the other side”.

21. Provides clarity and insight into problems.

22. Lets you experience spirit phenomena.

23. Puts you in touch with your spirit guides.

24. Helps you pray and connect with your angels.

25. Enhances healing.

26. Enhances distance healing.

27. Enhances reiki.

28. Enables remote viewing.

29. Raises your vibration to help you attract what you want.

30. Releases pleasurable feeling chemicals.

31. Promotes a feeling of oneness with all that is.

32. Helps you see auras.

33. Psychokinesis.

34. Astral projection.

35. Out of body.

36. Increases mental speed.

37. Helps you see what cannot be seen.

38. Increases sex drive.

39. Improves receptivity to hypnosis.

40. Helps you remember your dreams.

41. Lucid dreaming.

42. Past life recall.

43. Balances your hormones.

44. Triggers the body’s natural endorphins to manage chronic pain.

45. Re-establishes a healthy sleep pattern.

46. Accelerates healing after injury or surgery.

47. Alleviates phobias.

48. Reduce symptoms of obsessive compulsion.

49. Reduces hoarding.

50. Changes how you emotionally react.

51. Great study aid.

52. Changes your psychological makeup.

53. Clears the mind.

54. Shamanic journeying.

55. Psychic ability.

56. Precognition.

57. Channeling.

58. Enhances tarot reading.

59. Increases behavioral flexibility.

60. Increases learning ability.

61. Improves mental health.

62. Triggers integrative experiences.

63. Expands consciousness.

64. Need less sleep.

65. Body becomes charged with new energy.

66. Expanded awareness.

67. Aids in exercising the brain.

68. Promising treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

69. Slows down or stops aging process.

70. Improves cardiovascular health.

71. Can help stabilize diabetes.

72. Enhances colors.

73. Structural brain changes in direct proportion to training (more grey matter.)

74. Induces empathy.

75. Clairvoyance.

76. Clairaudience.

77. Clairsentience.

78. High level of equanimity.

79. Can induce feelings of peace.

80. Can facilitate the mending of a broken heart.

81. Helps with the grieving process.

82. Can help build self-esteem.

83. Can help attract who or what you want, including prosperity.

84. Can reduce the “flight or fright” response.

85. Is an anti-depressant.

86. Can rejuvenate some organs.

87. Can ease PMS and Menopause symptoms.

88. Helps you retain information.

89. Lowers pain in labour and delivery.

90. Helps de-stress anxiety about death.

91. Can stop gambling cravings.

92. Helps with leadership skills.

93. Enhances all your senses.

94. Helps you connect to a dead loved one.

95. Stops the accumulation of fat around your middle.

96. Lowers your appetite.

97. Can bring back the color in your hair.

98. Can enhance an exercise routine.

99. Can help you read a crystal ball.

100. Relaxes muscles.

And 101. It works… it really does change how your brain thinks and feels.

So there you have it, another 101 reasons to use brainwave entrainment. There are as many benefits to brainwave entrainment as there are combinations of frequency patterns.

Brainwave entrainment is a cutting-edge personal development tool, available to everyone.