An Honest Review of iLearning Global – Mastermind With Brian Tracy and Others

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Recently a new personal development company has emerged onto the scene called iLearning Global. This review will answer the tough question is iLearning Global really a scam.

The founders of the company include people such as Brian Tracy, a well-known public speaker and personal development pioneer, Mike McLaughlin and Eric Allen. They are right on the heels of Success University who earlier tried to capitalize on the personal development industry with some success but eventually was bought out or sold, so I hear.

iLearning Global is a network marketing company. Many people have a bad opinion of network marketing and the industry so, right off the back you may hear this iLearning Global is a scam. I say do your research, like you are now, and form your own opinion. I’ve found most of the negative reviews come from people promoting another company of some sort.

The best part about the company is the access to true proven leadership. This really makes a difference when your upline is a well known author or speaker. That’s why the single most impressive part of ILG is the mastermind group.

The Mastermind Group – This is where you and your mastermind team gather together to build your business, share what works and grow your passive income. This is an unique approach to building a business with ILG. You focus on building your mastermind team of 5 people as your core group. 

Together your mastermind team will grow, build and profit together. This increases your chances of success, holds you accountable and gives you clear direction that seems to be missing from traditional network marketing.

The whole idea of offering personal development videos, audios and ebooks to a hungry market seems to be paying off for ILG They have attracted some of the best speakers, coaches, authors, politicians and celebrities to their company who understand the value of ongoing education and continuous learning.

Obviously, people like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Patricia Fripp and Mark Victor Hansen wouldn’t put their names on a company and risk their reputation on the company if iLearning Global was a scam.