90 Day Personal Growth Boot Camp: Day 40-Don’t Quit

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Napoleon Hill wisely wrote, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

The former CEO of Velcro USA Jack Mates shared the following formula to reach your dream: (P + T) x A x A = Success. The P is for passion which then combines with T for talent. Multiply this with associating with the right people and multiply that with action and you will find success.

Once you believe in your mind you can accomplish your goal and nothing will stop you the passion will show up, follow the rest of the formula and you are bound to move your life to the next level and beyond!

Nikki Stone had a dream to be an Olympic gold medalist. The challenge was she had a number of spinal injuries and wanted to compete in aerial freestyle skiing. No American had won the title before. On top of her physical pain she sunk into a deep, dark depression that lasted for half a year.

What turned things around? She read a poem titled You Must Not Quit. As Karyn Reagan shares in Success magazine, Stone was motivated when she realized Joe Frazier won the Olympic gold in boxing with a broken thumb.

The journey for Stone wasn’t easy, it was physically exhausting and the pain was intense as she struggled through disc injuries. Other doctors told her she would never jump again, she kept searching until she found one that would work with her. In 1998 she became the first American to win the gold in aerial skiing. What she saw in her mind she made a reality with the right associations and actions multiplied by her passion.

Recently I heard about a study that pitted adults against kids. Each group was given several sticks of spaghetti, some string and a marshmallow. The test was to see who could elevate the marshmallow the highest. The game would last 20 minutes.

It was found the children got better results. Why? They jumped right in and began to try ideas. They stuck the spaghetti in the marshmallow and worked and worked until they got the string to hold the treat higher. The adults? They speculated, they tried to plan in detail what they could do, they debated, they worried too much, and before they knew it their lack of action cost them the game.

What is your passion? Don’t wait for the pieces to all be in place how you think they should be. Go for it, combine your passion with action, find inspiration in a poem or a book or a mentor, whatever it takes. Remember, you never know when you might be only three feet from gold.