5 Effects of Domestic Violence on a Child's Development

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When we talk about the effects of domestic violence on children’;s growth and development, we are considering the effects of violence on children living in a place where spousal abuse is happening. Most of the children who are brought up in such an environment, often experience bad and suppressed childhood, which leads to negative effects on their personal growth and development. For some children who are suffering from domestic violence, their journey from childhood to adulthood is completed overnight as they do not have to learn things that are provided to be learned when they grow up. They quickly learn how to survive and some of them even started expecting for their survival. Parents need to learn that domestic violence has dreadful consequences on children as it can ruin your child’;s future and personal growth as well.

There are 5 effects of domestic violence on the child’;s development:

1. Child become introvert

Children are just like flowers, they need care and love. Children suffering from domestic violence often becomes silent and feel hesitant to speak or even go out of their house. They put them into the darkness of isolation and becomes introvert to express themselves. Their fear will not let them speak or express their emotions to their family members or friends. It is because, they have been asked to not utter a word about the situation at the home and their relationship between family members.

2. Child become aggressive

As mentioned in the above point, they are unable to express themselves in front of others or unable to share their pain with others, which leads to built-up aggression in them. When the saturation point comes (when they are unable to handle their anger) in their life, they become aggressive and with time their aggression gets even more worse, which may result in killing someone they dislike.

3. Child become responsible in the early age

At the early age, when "learning to walk" is the first step for them, they start learning how to kill their desires and how to survive in the violent environment. Before they see the beauty of the world and what life is all about, they become responsible in terms of perception for their survival. Some children get into the job of cooking, cleaning or even catering food items to the consumers in order to earn money.

4. Child become unsocial

Due to domestic violence, most of the children suffer from low-esteem and have low self-confidence to go out and face the world. They do not feel like meeting and making friends, which makes them cut off from the world and become unsocial.

5. Child become edgy and nervous

It is not important that all children become aggressive as in most of the cases, children who suffer badly from different forms of violence ever becoming nervous while talking to others, or even performing any task.


Domestic violence is something that we should always raise our voice against. For children, it is like slow poison that ends their life slowly from the time they become a victim of your violence. The aforementioned effects of childhood violence gives you an idea about how domestic violence can ruin your child’;s future.