5 Stages Of Personal Growth

When selecting employees to move into management trainee positions, you have options. You could hire an employee with ample experience from outside the company and hope they can fit the needs of the business properly. On the other hand, many companies are focusing on moving employees up within the company […]

When it comes time, to either, sell your home, or seek to buy, one of your own, an important decision and consideration should, and must be, to hire the best real estate agent, for your specific needs, goals, priorities, and personality. It takes more than one factor, and someone, who […]

Are leaders fully conscious at work? They may look conscious, but are they in fact behaving unconsciously or habitually? Are they just acting out a combination of their personality and the skills that have brought them success in the past? With many organizations now experiencing high levels of complexity, uncertainty […]

Teams are a useful business tool for process and quality improvement, which may lead to higher customer satisfaction or cost reduction. Many managers recognize the benefits teams may bring but do not properly consider what it takes to get a team functioning in the direction management desires. When forming teams, […]

I personally subscribe to ezines and newsletters relating to business and personal development. After reading the ezines and listening to David Riklan’s (founder of self growth) teleseminar I understand that there are following five ways an Entrepreneur/Small business owner can benefit by publishing his own newsletter/ezine. 1. Create and Maintain Relationship […]

Maslow’;s model of personality is a "hierarchy" model – a hierarchy of human needs. These are, in the order listed on the hierarchy, from bottom to top, the physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization needs. Maslow coined the phrase "instinctoid" to describe these. He believed there’;s a hereditary […]

Do you know what human being need so that we can be alive? What motivates us most? Why do we do a certain thing? What are the key elements that move us toward the things we want? We will understand this more when we learn about human basic needs. The […]

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams Let’;s talk about the P word. Procrastination. If this is you, this pervasive, habit effects every aspect of your life. As a procrastinator you typically under perform, limiting success and the life you want […]

Modern mass society presents a sharp contrast, as the young grow up. They are faced with confusions, delays and discontinuities. Adolescents in particular are uncertain about themselves. Some are in conflict with themselves, bewildered an insecure. Values are usually influenced by the changing philosophical ideologies, cultural and religious perspectives, social, […]

Branding and personal branding are hot topics in business and personal development now. Why all the buzz? Businesses and people with the strongest brands are the most successful and make the most money. You may think it is odd that a person would have a brand. A brand is more […]