5 Stages Of Personal Growth

To change our lives for the better we need Positive thinking and self-talk so that we can feel better about ourselves and others around us. Our self-esteem and confidence will grow with our positive thinking and if linked to our attitude will help us feel much better; however self-esteem quickly […]

The more I play poker the more I realize that the mind has a lot to do with results. I do not mean knowing the strategy and the moves in the game – that is certainly important. I mean what is going on in your mind as to your expectations […]

Do you remember when you were sick last? I’;m sure it felt horrible. And, what’;s worse, as you develop illness, big or small, you ever succumb to negative thoughts as you unconsciously stare the sickness down into the illnesses beady little eyes. You focus on the illness. It usually happens […]

Individuals with poor self-esteem have a hard time adopting a positive view on life. Childhood experiences play a major part in the development of self-esteem, although self-esteem is also a mix of your outward accomplishments and your inward confidence. The good news is that anyone is able to improve his […]

Let’;s examine not only what positive thinking is, but what it really takes to change your thoughts and feelings, which is not only positive thought, but also to be more scientific, what should be called ‘;right’; thought. Right thinking is the key, not just a positive attitude or wishful thought. […]

The power of positive thinking is something that has been under rated, but has been commonly used for centuries. Anyone who has ever achieved anything in life has gotten it by the using their own set of positive thinking tips. World leaders have used them, business executives use them, and […]

In the training world, there is constant discussion about what constituents a learnable, trainable skill and what falls into the real motivation or determination. For instance, I can train a sales manager with the knowledge and the skills that can make he or she better at coaching sales representatives. However, […]

All of us have some burning desire to create something larger and greater as it our god given right to do so. Something so big and magnificent to be able to transform the world in some aspect. I know as a holistic healer and coach there is a passion to […]

Panic attacks are sudden episodes of fear that hit you when you least expect them. They produce a rapid heartbeat, sweating and shaking, lackiness and a feeling of acute terror. Most people experience panic attacks at some point, but repeated episodes can lead to further anxiety problems. Excessive stress and […]

Have you ever looked at someone who’;s happy all the time and wonder why not you? Do you find yourself struggling to stay positive when mostly surrounded by negative? If so, you’;re not alone. Many people suffer from negative thinking. Thinking negatively for any amount of time is robbing you […]