5 Stages Of Personal Growth

By definition, people practice mysticism far more than they realize. The American Heritage dictionary defines mysticism as “consciousness of transcendent reality or of God through deep meditation or contemplation. Mystic is defined as relating to religious mysteries or occult rites and practices; one who practices or believes in mysticism.” Spiritually […]

If there is one thing that you would have to know, it would be that everyone is prone to depression. Yes, some people are twice or thrice likely to get it because of their genetic predisposition but because its emergence can be brought about by life changing events, social cues […]

Online Psychotherapy, e-counseling and internet-therapy are becoming very popular. It is convenient, affordable and proven effective. The focus is on giving you the tools to better manage your depression, anxiety, stress and other difficult emotions. Mindfulness Therapy is one of the most promising approaches for helping you learn how to […]

There are many people with depression that take antidepressants, and many of these people do not realize that there are many natural alternatives. Prescription drugs that many doctors give out on a daily basis can be more harmful to their patients than the disease itself. There are side-effects, both in […]

Although you may not realize it, you could be responsible for conditioning your thinking, emotions and behavior in very negative ways that are toxic and certainly don’t help you achieve a healthy state of mind. If, for example you have told yourself any of the following and you have conditioned […]

The myth about depression Whenever a person feels low, the individual will tend to say, “I am depressed”. This is far from the truth. “I feel depressed” is a more accurate state. Some of the symptoms are as follows: A general sense of low or down mood that pervades in […]

Depression and Women Depression is very common among women. In fact as many as one in four women are likely to develop chronic depression at least once in their lives. Women are more than twice as likely as men are to become depressed. The majority of the nearly 15 million […]

No ceremony with this article, let’s go straight into five quick ways that will help you find relief from stress, depression and anxiety. 1. Take regular breaks from the firing line. Working hard without regular breaks is a great way to build up stress and tension. Make sure you have […]

That’;s a big statement, but one must look at the cause to find the solution. Depression and mental illness is caused by the Spirit who seeks to correct something within a person or those who care for them. It’;s not in the guidelines of those who treat patients but it […]